Topic-icon Katarzyna Krzysztofinska Marriage Record # 5 - 1809

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Please translate the attached marriage record #5 into English from Polish.

Thank you and kind regards.

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In 1809, on November 20, in front of us as the civil status clerk of the Wydrzyn commune, in the Wieluń poviat, in the Kalisz department,
appeared Walenty Cielas 36 years old, according to a record taken from the books of the Ożarów parish church, servant at the Opojowice(?), the son of Mateusz Cielas and Maryanna, deceased, parents  residing in the Ożarów village. 
Also appeared Katarzyna Krysztofińska, 20 years old, according to the record was taken out of the books of the Raczyn(?) parish church, the daughter of Jakub Krysztofiński and Maryanna maiden name Dybała, deceased, parents lived in the Dąbrowa (near Wieluń?) village, in the assistance of Jan Salecki the administrator from the Opojowice (?) village and Karol Stoltz (?) in Brody/Bródy/Brudy (?) inhabited. 
The parties demand that we proceed to the celebration of the marriage arranged between them, the announcements of which came out at the door of our communal house, that is first-22, second-29 October 1809. When the marriage was not suspended. By leaning to the request of the parties and reviewing all papers and files, as well as Chapter VI of the Napoleon Code we asked the future spouses if they want to connect with each other by marriage knots? To which each of them separately responded that this is their will, we announce on behalf of the law that Walenty Cielas and Katarzyna Krysztofińska are connected by a marriage knot. What did we write the act in the consciousness of Mikołaj Cielas 41yo, and Michał Cielas 49yo, both of Walenty's birth brothers, both in Ożarów village on a sedentary farm. However, Maciej Porada 50 years old uncle and Tadeusz Borkowski uncle of Miss Katarzyna. After which this act was read and signed by the priest himself, because the witnesses expressed in the act cannot write.

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1 rok 3 miesiąc temu #39838 przez Lucy Humphries
Thank you so much for the translation Michal.  It is very much appreciated.

Kind regards,

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